What sizes do the tables come in? What are the outside dimensions of a 6ft and 7ft tables?

7ft: 7ft-4ft outside edges

6ft: 6ft-3ft 8in outside edges

What colour cloths are available?

Green, red, blue, purple, burgundy, black, and grey

What types of cloth are available?

Strachan wool, Hainsworth wool, and Strachan super pro nylon (napless speed cloth)

Are the tables slate bed?

Yes, we only sell slate bed tables.

Does the table come in pieces (flat packed)?

No all tables are delivered as a separate slate and one-piece ­body. Which on a 7ft table is 7ft-4ft-18in deep on its side (Will fit through normal size house doors. Slates beds will not bend so make sure you check the turning angles.

How easy is it to assemble myself?

Very easy, we sell lots of tables that are drop off only and no one has ever rung us to say they can’t do it. Basically, you bolt the legs on whilst the table is on its side, stand the table up, put the slate in, fasten 6 clips then level it with the adjustable feet. Easy!

You can always ring for free advice after delivery if required.

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